Forever Grateful

“Being a retired man with ..quite an interesting life, I decided to write a book on my life during COVID-19. This gave me a sense of purpose after seeing many losses, but after finishing the book and not knowing much about the Internet world regarding publishing, I searched the Internet and discovered Writers Publishing Lab Publisher. Their team was kind. Knowing I didn't know much, they guided me through the process in the simplest way possible. I am so happy with them that here I am doing something new—recording a review for them, especially for Ethan White.”

- Anthony Thompson

Advertising Champs

“Hey, wassup, guys! Joshua here. So, my experience with Writers Publishing Lab was one of the profitable ones. I was randomly scrolling when I stumbled upon a compelling ad that said something about writing services based on your ideas at an affordable price. I thank the Lord that I clicked on the ad and talked with Danny Kellean, their project manager, who assigned me their representative, Frank William. Fast forward to three months, thanks to their writing team; I have a book under my name.”

- Joshua Turner

Creative & Professionals

“I am a 2nd grade school teacher, and I love what I do. I had written stories to uplift kids around the world, and being a published author sounded exciting as well. But I wanted a compelling cover for my book, and that’s where Writers Publishing Lab’ brilliant designers did their magic. One has to see what they do to believe it. I highly recommend people watching this to go and see their stunning portfolio.”

- Julia Bennette

Multifaceted, Creative & Efficient

“I am a published author of children's books. My agent asked me to review some of the illustrations I had created, which were not up to the mark. Being occupied with my other projects, I couldn't create a quality illustration, so I went online for my search, which is where Writers Publishing Lab came in. Edward Jones guided me with the process, and their team designed illustrations everyone loved and was impressed that I asked them to redesign the book cover. Thank you, guys!”

- Tiffany Truman

Pros I was looking for

“Narrating a story and writing a book has always been easy for me. Getting your book published is not. Also, finding a company that gets the job done without asking many questions was even more difficult until I found Writers Publishing Lab. Lucas Dawson asked me to fill out the questionnaire form and asked for a few details, and I was done. What a relief! Thank you; you are the pros I was looking for.”

- John Adams

Company gave excellent instructions, quick help when needed, and an amazing final product that my students will never forget!
I am a fourth grade teacher in a small town. I see four classes of about 24 kids each. Each of my classes made their own book. The entire process was very easy, I was sent absolutely everything I needed, and the books were created and sent back very quickly. The final books are absolutely beautiful and look exactly as promised. My students are beyond thrilled and proud of their accomplishment and many of them have their own copies to keep forever! Such a wonderful project to get kids excited about writing and give them clear proof of hard work paying off! Thank you Lulu Publisher